Does your skin THANK YOU? 

Girls take mad good care of their skin, making sure it looks glowy and without a single pimple residing on the face. Let’s not only talk about the ladies, MEN are as tensed about it as the girls! In this evolving world, there are many brands producing skin care, make up and hair products. All to the comfort for everyone to feel good in their own skin! I bet everyone have seen girls heading out so comfortably, from without any insecurities about how their scars would look to the most gorgeous skin in this world. I know, in your heart, you have must wondering HOW DO THEY DO IT?

Why is it important to follow the routine steps, or at least a few, those ingredients inside the product becomes a barrier for outside pollution. Keeping your skin healthy from a younger age, helps to prevent all sorts of diseases. DO MIND THAT, you really have to find what’s actually best for it. Following the routine can help to penetrate the skin better. Step by step, little of each ingredients inside the product goes into the skin slowly.

Now you are thinking, you should start watching those Instagram and Youtube videos to a better looking skin. Don’t they make it look so easy? They go BAM, POOF, WOAH and done with their routine and their skin looks so GLOWY GLOWY. Are you following the right routine? That is a big question, IS THERE a right routine? Everyone got different type of skin, from dry to oily or even a combination. We can’t say if there is a specific routine to follow, but YES there are basic step routines you can follow to make your skin THANK YOU!

Step 1

Facial Cleanser / Wash

What is the difference in facial cleanser and wash? I bet it sounds the same to you, as it did to me when I first heard them together! Face wash basically does a cleanser level 2, it washes off impurities deeper than a cleanser. If you don’t have make-up on, use cleanser or facial wash ALONE ( you don’t want to go so harsh on your delicate skin). If you were much exposed to pollution, dirt or just heavy makeup, use a cleanser first following with a face wash. Don’t over-rub your face. Don’t rub-dry your face. ALWAYS PAT your face dry! YOU DO NOT WANT TO START LOOKING LIKE MUMMY NO. 2!

Circular movements washing the skin helps to circulate the product into your skin. Make sure you are washing your face at least for 3-4 minutes for the product to work on your skin!


Step 2

Exfoliating Scrub

This is NOT to be done everyday, but every 2-3 days. Don’t mix face scrub with a body scrub. They cannot be used as the same thing! Body scrub is harsher than the face scrub. As everyone already know exfoliating removes dead skin cells of your skin surface. Surprisingly, exfoliating PREVENTS dirt, bacteria and sweat from entering beneath your skin, how cool is it! Then why can’t we do it everyday? It is too harsh for your skin to exfoliate everyday. Skin becomes super dry and takes days to recover. You don’t want that right? There are scrubs which contain more gentle beads, some stronger beads for better exfoliation, but be careful which you use or suitable for your skin!

Application for scrub goes same with the first step. After moving in circular motions for some time, use some water and continue massaging into your skin. Don’t let the scrub get dry and hurt your skin!


Step 3

Facial Toner

Facial Toner is a secret weapon to a healthier skin. As we all know, toners help to balance the pH level in our skin. After using the facial cleanser, wash and scrub, the pH balance is the skin is not normal because of all the ALKALINE in the cleaners. TONERS HELP YOU WITH THAT! Toners can also help with tighten your pores, I know girls hate those, after cleansing and remove the chlorine in the tap water. Don’t be confused, this is actually true. Facial toners sometimes work like a final step of cleansing, removing all that stubborn impurities you have on your beautiful face.

Use a cotton ball or pad, drop some toner on it and apply smoothly over the face. If you have a more sensitive skin, pat it over your face.


Step 4


Using serum is like preparing the skin for deeper moisture level. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY LEVELS? Face serums got more active ingredients than just a face moisturizer. It helps with hydration ( very important) and giving in the right nutrients. Serums are a little confusing, they may be oily but can be like an essence. Honestly, water-based serums are the classics. They are used clearly in the step we are suppose to use with the right amount. Vitamin – C serums are recommended as they have hydrating, brightening and soothing feeling.

For water-based serums, use a cotton ball or pad, drop a few drops and pat on the face. For oil-based serums, put 4-6 drops on hand, rub hands against each other for a little heat and rub softly onto the skin. For cream-based serums, use a small amount on the tip of fingers and rub against skin in circular motions.


Step 5

Eye Cream

Eyes get the first sign of ageing, and it’s always more visible there. Eye creams are thiner than the normal moisturizers (YES THEY ARE DIFFERENT). Eye creams don’t make your puffiness, dark circles or swelling go away, it can only calm it down for the time being. Fine lines and wrinkles are because of the sun damage on it. Use more collagen-based eye creams to refine it. Sagging of cells under your skin causes puffiness. Sleeping too less causes eye bags. Skin irritation and sun damange causes swelling of lids. No eye cream is proved just perfect for each problem.

Apple a pea size amount and use your ring finger to slowly dab and rub outwards, under your eyes and around the eyes.


Step 6

Facial Oil

The level 2 of moisture level is the facial oil! Facial oils have become a necessary part of the skincare routine. There are hundreds of brands coming out with different kinds of facial oils. Facial oil automatically gives a healthy glow. It nourishes and hydrates your skin at the same time. Applying too much of it doesn’t mean your skin will have more nutrients, keep that in mind! They do repair and protect your skin barriers, helping your skin get ready to absorb what we have on Step 7. Retinol facial oils can help in boost cells for the magic skin!

Put a few drops onto the palm of hands, rub hands together to form a little heat and smoothly rub the facial oil onto the skin.


Step 7

Facial Moisturizer ( Cream / Gel )

I promise this is the final step to the glowy and magic skin you want! Moisturizers take a longer time to get absorb into the skin, thus, we use facial oil before the moisturizer so that it could help to get into the skin better. It helps to make look even and hydrated. AGAIN, do not put excess cream on your face as it will look too much oily and won’t give the right texture. Moisturizer containing pomegranate leaves good texture and glow on the skin! Some prefer to use the gel form, which I personally like. Aloe Vera gel is my solution to a perfect ending routine, as it repairs, soothes and rejuvenates the skin so much better.

Use a small amount and put it on your cheeks, forehead, chin and don’t forget the nose area. Rub it in circular motions.



Everyone has different skin routines, depending on their skin type. It is very important to use products that MATCHES with your skin type. Usually, it will cause more oiliness or more dryness when we tend to misuse the products! Let’s take more care of our outer beauty and make our skin thank us!

The struggle to having a glowing skin without make-up is REAL! The care behind the skincare and techniques are the reason to the healthy skin many have despite all the make-up products they use. Even though, you can see many different types of make-up products, ORGANIC products are the best! There are vegan, cruelty-free and organic beauty lines being developed as brands get aware of the issues! Take a look at some! primarySerum for Aging Skin



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