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Being in the beauty industry is almost every girl’s dream now, but did you take the first step yet? Honestly, IT IS NOT EASY AS IT LOOKS. There are many who are struggling to stand out, but there are some who had a breakthrough! Now, we are seeing SO MANY influencers on Instagram, in Hong Kong! It is evolving here, isn’t it? Becoming an INFLUENCER means you reach out to people and ACTUALLY can manage how they think of things. It is up to YOU how you want people to think and react. Isn’t it powerful when you can change people’s perspective on things? It’s all about experience. It is because influencers talk from experience, they know the product, they have TRIED the product, so they review to people for EASIER LIVES !
Using so many products, having engagement with followers, getting to know our follower’s need, sounds tough no? Well, it is tough! It’s all about creating a look, and being creative! Let me tell you talent and being creative is ALL you need to become a good influencer, but are you DARING enough to stand out? I am honestly fascinated by so many bloggers in Hong Kong alone, the looks they create, the content they post, I mean, IT IS AMAZING how unique and special only one look can be. What if you run out of ideas? NO! It is certainly NOT in a blogger’s dictionary.
Same as everyone else, they do face difficulties like increasing engagement, followers, keeping up to follower’s need and staying in the trend. It is a competition, and we all need to fight through for our PASSION. Even though, bloggers and influencers know success is not guaranteed, but why do they DO IT? It is only because THEY LOVE DOING IT, and that is pure. With the work each and every person does comes a follower! It’s okay, if you are not professional or people are not following you, at least you are TRYING. Not giving up is the best thing an influencer needs to do to reach heights. Isn’t that why we called “struggling” models and actors?
I do want to give a shoutout to few influencers in hk, who have passed their difficult roads to becoming an influencer people love! Make sure you are checking out their instagrams.
@sidrahblogs @unberberrr @glambyshaila @makeupbyvinny06 
Today we have Nazish, to tell us HOW she started off as an influencer! I have been following her since long enough, her looks are dashing! Her following increases day by day, and I love how she engages EVERYONE so genuinely. She also has her blog website, which is given at the end of the interview, it is filled with JUICY reviews and must try products. Now, let us find out what is inside an influencer’s mind.
Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 3.02.25 PM

What is the reason you started as an influencer?

Influencer marketing is on a rise and everybody especially millennials wants to be entertained and wants to be informed about anything very organically. Nowadays peer to peer recommendation are becoming more integral into the path of purchasing. All of my followers are like friends to me and I like engaging with them as much as I can!

What is your motivation?

My motivation is my voice. I am very opinionated. I like to try different beauty products e.g. Skincare, Haircare and Makeup! After I try out those products, I like to talk about them. When I was a growing up, before purchasing anything I would watch my favourite influencers’ view on it. It helped me a lot. So I believe if you have got a platform your opinions should be out there, no matter you had a bad experience or a good one 🙂

 What do you wish to accomplish in this role?

I wish to collaborate with well-known brands. I wish to try out new released product from brands before anyone else does. I also want to be able to create beauty products in the future or even own a brand of my own if Allah wills 🙂

What’s the best thing anyone has said to you as a blogger? 

That I am very consistent and they love my honesty.

That I am very passionate about what I do.

And that they want me to do their makeup on their big day even though I am not experienced or professionally trained.

Why not start a youtube channel?

YouTube is my favourite place to be at!! I am always watching YouTube videos 24/7, but currently I am not ready to be on a bigger platform! Obviously, that’s still in the list, maybe in the future? 🙂

What is that one thing you wish you could do better? Why?

I wish I could edit my videos better, I wish I had my own beauty room with a professional camera and a ring light for better quality (but everything got its time) beginnings are never perfect! 🙈

Who is your favourite influencer/blogger? 

Jeffree Star, Huda Beauty, Jaclyn Hill and Bodmon Zaid

(I watch every single video of them since day 1)

There are so many beauty bloggers in HK, mention some that inspire you.

I really like @ellabeautyfashion, she is very consistent about posting every day and she is passionate about whatever she does! She’s been doing this for 4 years now.

If you were to only live with one beauty product for the rest of your life, which one would it be? 

It would be an amazing pigmented eyeshadow palette, which should have both nudes and brights! That’s because I can create a blush and a lip tint out of fruit – beetroot? HaHa

And I can accomplish a clear skin with maintaining it with good skincare!

Which product did you have the worst experience with?

Veet Wax Strip for Face, my full review will be up on my Instagram – and my website:

WOW, influencers do think differently and they are so cautious about their skin care routine. Having such knowledge about products and routine, it is not an easy job to keep up. Let’s just hear for ! screenshot-2019-05-13-at-3.03.00-pm.png

This look was recreated by Nazish, which was originally done by @cakefacejennifer. Can you actually see how beautifully she has finished this look? If you do need to try this look on, do check out the steps on her INSTAGRAM ! 
Her recommendations and reviews are super clean and professional. Who doesn’t love an honest read? 
Writing review of products is another forte for all influencers. They can really tell if the product is worth having or not. 
There are some traits, that an influencer or blogger must have! Genuine personality, truth and creativity.
Want to become an influencer? Let’s get some tips on my next post!


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