Our new voice with @brownofhk


We all have our NEW fav page @brownofhk representing ethnic community in Hong Kong! Giving platform to all ethnic minorities a chance to let people hear THEIR part of the story. As a brown in Hong Kong, it is a little difficult to blend in because YOU KNOW we are brown and “different”. We don’t speak the same language, we don’t eat the same BUT it is evolving, isn’t it? A lot of locals, esp younger people, are starting to feel comfortable with us, since we are all human right?

Well, it’s not even about the brown community anymore, if people don’t like you, they just don’t like you for a person, not your race? However, as the 5% out of the whole HK community, we really need to show support to each other! Now we have seen so many trying to ruin the name of “non-local” with fights and stealing in Hong Kong, but that doesn’t make our whole community a bad thing! We stand up for what we are, I guess what I am trying to say is, every EM individual had their own identity. We love for what we are, and who we become that represents ourselves.

What is your story? Hard to “fit in” the local community or people not being supportive enough? We needed someone to represent us, and here we have, a clear platform to do that for us. Spending time hearing and reading people’s stories, support is what we can give them. Encouragement is what we can give them, to move ahead and represent themselves into this community.
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What is the reason you started a page on ethnic minorities in Hong Kong?

There are 7.4 million people in Hong Kong. And out of that only 8% of the population are “Ethnic Minorities”, which clearly is not a small number either. Hong Kong is often put in comparison with Singapore in many different aspects. And when we compare them both in terms of diversity it is quite clear that H.K is still quite far behind. And we believe that one core reason for that is Hong Kong’s minority groups barely have a voice. Especially when it comes to individual representation. And thus we decided to create an Instagram page which is one of the most well known and accessible social media platforms right now. We are often asked about our identities which we have chosen not to disclose. We believe it is best that no person or name is associated to represent the account. Representation is vital and as a group, we agree on having only one thing be the face of the page, which are you guys, the people, your stories and your experiences and your voices.

How do you represent the minorities on browsnofhk?

I mean the best we can do to represent them is by sharing their stories on a platform with a large number of audience. Each story shared with us is edited by the team and goes through hours of rewriting, editing and polishing. We then send it back to the protagonist of the story to seek their approval on the piece we wrote on their behalf before posting up the finalised version.

What makes brownofhk stand out from the other organisations or groups?

We believe that there’s a lack of a platform that helps H.K’s ethnics to voice out. Since our main focus is only to share the stories of people, it makes us a unique group that would soon be well known for the only one thing we do.

 Please share yourself to people in your own words, and why they should voice themselves out.

The problem we see is that people have amazing experiences and stories to share but they don’t due to fear. Fear of what people would say. Fear of being judged. Fear of being ridiculed. But you see, you can’t make a difference in society or anywhere unless you’re willing to speak out what you believe in. And when you are willing to share your stories with the world, people would know that you exist, you matter. Your experience would not only raise awareness on certain societal issues but also inspire others to learn from them and stand up for themselves. No story is big or small. Every experience, every story, every person. They matter and the world wants to know about you!

How does it feel like being a voice and giving EM a platform to share?

It feels nice lmao

What do you wish to accomplish with this?

We hope to reach and larger audience and especially the local community of Hong Kong. The project is at a very early stage right now but we wish to see more people coming forth to share with us their experiences and of course hope that we can get more recognition from the people of Hong Kong. After all, the more people our content reaches out to, the bigger the difference we make on people’s mindset on us, our struggles, experiences, thoughts and stories.

Will you be starting an organisation in helping EM in HK, something more than an Instagram page?

At the current stage, the answer to that is most probably a no. We’re just a bunch of students trying to do our part and taking this page one step at a time.

merged.jpgHonestly, I am glad that people reach out to express themselves openly. We have seen life stories from different people on @brownofhk , some actually do inspire and fascinate the whole feeling of being a non-local. It is time we are heard, as a whole community we stand and make ourselves seen. Thank you for giving a platform to be proud of our society and cultures. More importantly, making us see different perspectives to people’s lives.

What we need to do is, NEVER hide your true identity. Live your full self, why are we changing to impress others? Be proud of what you are, own yourself !


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