Girls V.S. Girls with @manmeetrandhawa_

Just wow, this world is amazing. People are against each other on literally everything. Is there a war going on low-key? Being in such a fast paced world, we do see a lot of women standing up for each other, but girl, are you really doing that? Wasn’t it just yesterday when you told someone that she is being a bitch, BEHIND HER BACK? Ugh, I guess people just like being unpredictable ALL THE TIME. 

A lot of us fail to see good side of people and automatically turn to their bad side. There are so many people, esp girls who simply don’t talk to each other because they “dislike” them without a VALID reason, why? Because her pictures are fake and she’s a “bitch”. There goes labeling and unnecessary drama?! Being in Hong Kong, the community is already pretty small. Many girls are just trying to be so involved around themselves, they just don’t appreciate what is around them. Instead of being “HEYYYYY you look amazing” girls go “ugh, she looks so weird in this dress” 



Oh we used to talk but she turned out to be a bitch so we don’t talk anymore. I am SURE you have heard of this somewhere, but will you hear GUYS talk like this? NO WAY! Why did you let to her turn to a bitch when you could have just been nicer? Even the slightest inconvenience, and BOOM a bad image appears, IS THAT EVEN FAIR? It’s so much better if you understand the each other rather than going ahead with a FOREVER HATE. 

Why are we so into OUR comfort zone that we don’t see go and raise our women’s crowns? WHY do we just stay with the women that we were around with and talk behind a much better group of women who can ACTUALLY make you grow? We are not saying that “leave your group of friends” but MAKE yourself open to other queens! Stop being “jealous” or producing a bad image just because others said so, forgive and forget and there will be no hate. Make friends, go out, have BRUNCHES. 


Today, we have Minnie, from Seattle to share her views and side on how girls are with or against their own.

Do you think women are their own enemies?

In a lot of cases I believe so, we as women tend to be so much harsher on ourselves. If anyone deserves all the love you could possibly give someone that person should be you because you are the most deserving person you could give that to.

Do you support women supporting each other? Why?

Yes I do, because if a woman can’t understand another woman’s pain than who will?

If you were to fight against a women, how could you solve the issue?

I would solve it out by talking to her about it, know their views and speak mine, explain my logic behind my views/reasons and also know hers as well, talk out a solution or clear out any misunderstanding that might have arised.

Why do you think women go against each other (any possible reasons) ?

I feel like with the beauty standards that have been set up, most women end up feeling insecure about themselves and if someone has something better than they do they tend to be jealous or unkind to one another.

What do you think is the difference between women back then and now?

Women back then wouldn’t have spoken up about themselves, women these days do. There was a time when women accepted the double standard between women and men but, women nowadays are just as equal to men, they speak up about the unfair rules society tends to put on women.

Using the difference, which factors have made women go against their own kind?

Being insecure, jealousy, the need for validation.

Why is it so important, in today’s society (so many cases like rapes and murder), that women should stand for each other?

Women are known to be oppressed by a male figure but when a woman supports another woman we build a safety net that’s hard to take down.

Is it important for you to have a woman’s  support more than a man?

Yes that’s because a man won’t understand you more than a woman can since you both are more likely to deal with the same things other than what a man would have to deal with.  

Name one most important woman in your life and why?

My mother, such an amazing and beautiful kind woman who has conquered so much in her life and has had so much strength to deal with so much pain. She’s my best friend she understands me, listens to me, loves me more than anything else, I wouldn’t need any other friend than her. She’s my role model she’s exactly what I want to be one day, an amazing daughter, wife, sister, mother. I love her more than anything she’s always been there for me no matter the situation.


We can really see Minnie is an independent and a supportive woman. You know, every thought of a girl, lady, woman matters. It’s actually not bad to reach out to other ladies and say a simple HELLO. We all know that simple HELLO can be a life long lesson, good or bad. Put away your insecurity, ego and attitude because you are not taking them to your GRAVE. Take a new step, talk to a new girl friend EACH DAY and just be genuine! Be a real queen and take the first step. 

Be each other’s strength, weakness will never come your way – Jas Kaur


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