Love for HomeKong

Many of us have been living in Hong Kong for quite some time. Some are born here and some moved, but how much love do we have for our HomeKong?

I am born and raised here, have always been used to the busy life and the rush. Fast walkers, bus chasers and crashing between MTR doors is what signifies how HongKongers are actually like? Surprisingly, even living here for so long, I didn’t turn to any of those, thank god, but what are the things that we actually love about being here?

LOVE the food?

Hong Kong is a food paradise. From local cheap Chinese food to a fancy international cuisine. You name it, we find it! I remember my first time yum cha was in a restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui, it was one of the cheapest food I had in Hong Kong. You want more cheaper? Try the road side little shops where the waiters hustle and scream for orders. Our love for the local food will not die even when we are miles away from Hong Kong. There are so many countries in which Hong Kong food is served, just for the love of it. You don’t want local chinese food? Then grab something you would want to have in Mexico. There are fancy places you can go on dates like C’est La Vie, Wooloomooloo, Aqua or Papermoon. Want to chill with your friends? There are bars and lounges like Boba Bear, Bar de Luxe, the Old Man or Bloop Shisha Lounge.


I can go anywhere!

Did you know Hong Kong has one of the easiest public transportation system? It is literally called public transport utopia. Travelling one hour away or fifteen minutes, Citybus, KMB and MTR has got your back! The trains are a route to almost all the places in Hong Kong. If you in a rush, hop on the MTR. Need to travel far for one hour, hop on a bus. A lot of local people find travelling in public transportation easy and convenient, but the rush hours? I always find myself surrounded by people, pushing each other through MTR closing doors, thinking “Guys, seriously, this isn’t the last train in the entire world” or “Is it the end of the world?”



Why are people broke af ?

Keep dreaming, IT IS NOT CHEAP AND SPACY AT ALL ! Hong Kong has always been one of the most expensive cities in the world. Will you believe that housing in Hong Kong is near to unaffordable for people. It is ranked the most expensive in the housing department, but other things, inflation is eating us all! I go out to buy a bottle of water, which literally costs me more than $10. How can someone from a middle class afford to be living in a comfortable home? As students, we do need to work to afford our own little living, like shopping, eating or just chilling. It just gets impossible for those who can’t afford to every tiny things. Thank god, the government is nice enough to offer things a little cheaper under student prices. Talking to pricing, if you ever went to a market to buy food, you would feel what I am trying to say here. Why is it expensive? OBVIOUSLY the Hong Kong economy wants to keep up with the competition out there beside other countries, but leaving half of us broke af 24/7. I don’t think I can ever buy a flat here. Life is hard.


People are nice … or not? 

Guys, honestly, I am going to tell you as a brown person, this city still has a lot of racism. Most of the Chinese covering their nose in the elevators, walking past you.  ARE YOU SERIOUS? I JUST SPENT HALF OF MY MONEY BUYING THIS BURBERRY PERFUME. Most of the people are backward thinkers, who do think some of us should return to their “countries”, but there are a lot of people here who do love eating desi food and in love with people like us. Since Hong Kong is a multi-cultural place, there are many more exotic people around us. I guess this is what defines Hong Kong, as a multi-cultural city, and people around us are starting to develop themselves around those who are technically “not Chinese” SO YES, people are nice here, some are warm, some are not, but life goes on with or without them right?

The busy streets of HongKong

Do you really know HOMEKong? If you know, leave the answers on the comment section! 

  1. Which food in Hong Kong translates to “touch the heart” ?
  2. Ever played Monopoly Hong Kong? Which is the most expensive street of Hong Kong?
  3. Tones are complicated, do you know how many are there?
  4. What was born first, Star Ferry or the Peak Tram?
  5. Guess the population of Hong Kong?

There are so much more I can say about HOMEKong, let me know what you think of YOUR homekong or even when you visited it! 

Honestly, Hong Kong did provide a lot of comfort for all of us that it is not really possible for me to say goodbye (if I ever move away). It is my home from DAY ONE and it will always be my home. There are some things the CE can do more, i.e. make things cheaper for us broke people, but that’s never going to happen.



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