Oh God or Thank God

Once upon a time …

Not meaning to sound too cliche,but there is always this “once upon a time..” in all love stories, but it’s not a must that every love story ends with “and they lived happily ever after…” sometimes it ends with “Oh god it’s over..” Or “thank god its over.”

Today you will be reading about the theory of “Oh god it’s over?” and “Thank god, it’s over.

Oh god it’s over….

As the vibe from the title, you must already feel that it’s probably sounding depressing, sad, heartbroken, in shock maybe?

This term is mostly used in great trauma or a painful heartbreak.

For instance, Your partner cheated on you? (Very common these days)

Your partner says he / she lost interest? (Really?!)

Your partner gives you a stupid ass excuse to break up? (Think smarter please)

and so on and so on… well you got the picture.

Mostly the people who uses this term’s relationships are magical at first, you know those #Instagram-Couple-Goals types. You celebrated events together such as monthsaries – and if you stayed long, probably those Christmas, birthdays, New Years even.

Everything looks so beautiful, you guys are at the point where you guys introduced each other to friends, friends of friends, cousins & sadly Families even.

PS. Please take a lot of time before you introduce your partner’s to any family member. It can get very embarrassing later on. Just saying…

You are discussing future, marriage, and babies name even. Your relationship was going perfect, absolutely wonderful. You feel proud of yourself & your partner. You feel like nothing better can happen in your life.

*don’t you dare be all cringy and say cheeee yuckkkk noooo – the truth is you’ve done this too. Own it!


One day , your #CoupleGoals relationship starts to slowly just look perfect in pictures, and behind the scenes – it’s actually dying..

So cut to the part, when your partner decides to cut himself / herself out of the picture & you have to delete all those memories out…

At this time, you feel “oh god, it’s over..” with pain in your heart because you haven’t expected this, you haven’t imagined this would ever happen to your ever so loving relationship. You haven’t expect a perfect picture to have a black spot ever. No matter what the reason, you just can’t believe it. You will always think “where the fu*k did I go wrong?

The truth is, you chose to ignore all warnings the whole time because you thought it will wash away, it will do no harm. You chose to put yourself so much into making it look perfect that you started living in a dream world, where your relationship is spotless. You got so attached, that you started believing the wrongs are fake. You involved yourself so much, that you play tricks on your own brain without actually knowing. You have forced yourself to believe that you & your partner will go on and on and on…

and when you finally wake up and realise… you say.. “oh god.. it’s over.

Thanks God, it’s over.

You must be getting vibes of relieve, happy thoughts, rainbows & FREEEEDOOOOOOOM!

So this term & the people who use it, often are taken wrong.

This term, is not for those who leaves their partner for stupid reasons like, lost interest, Cheaters, Coward bastards & bitches who uses emotional excuses to break up, or those who out of the blue says “I am sorry, I am engaged.” *pssssssh! Idiots.

This term, is mainly used for people who have been living in a Toxic Relationship (Self advertisement alert : please read the blog on Toxic Relationship with STS-FAM, it’s a BURN!) , people who have been living in a overly attached relationship (yes, it is a thing), who have been through a relationship with a person not their type.. (yes it’s a thing too.)

Mostly the people who uses this term’s relationship are magically at first also (well DUHH!), and than it becomes suffocating to even breathe in it. Probably because ;

The partner is too abusive, too overly attached, too fake?, too not your type or too dangerous.

These people don’t even notice, that they will be using this term later on.

You start to count your days / weeks / months / worse of the worse Years.. of tolerating your partner.

Oh hell no, you can’t judge this person.

He/ She is truly in love with this person and

although the relationship is suffocating him / her, she / her is trying their level best to hold on as long as they can.

just imagine :

you are fully committed to this relationship, trying to make it work as much as you can, working your way through that dark negativity, it’s draining you but you are stuck to it. Your partner is sometimes the Rainbow and sometimes the typhoon 10 (only HONG KONG people will get that reference), sometimes you feel like well this can work out & sometimes you feel like “PLEASE END THIS NIGHTMARE!”.

You are at the urge of everything, your patience, your emotional level, your senses, yourself overall...

Sometimes you feel like you want to end this, but then you hold yourself back, saying “why not give it some time?

The worse part is, when your partner starts to emotionally blackmail you, when you actually try to leave… you know those crocodile tears, those “I can’t live without you”, those “I will die without you.”.. that holds you back and you give up & be like “oh well, nevermind… what worse can happen?” And Your partner shows you later on what worse can actually happen & the cycle repeats every time you try to get out.


one day, it works! You get free, from your toxic, unhealthy, (probably mental) partner. You smell freedom, you feel happiness & you sense relieve. and finally say with a smile upon your lips… “Thank god, it’s over.”


Post by Simran Dhillon.


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