About Simran

Simran — naam toh suna hoga?

^psshhhh!! Excuse me for the cheesy start but HEY at least got your attention!

First things first, my name is Simran Dhillon, born and raised in Hong Kong. I love reading, writing & imagining. My personality is very simple, you know those basics. Cheerful, nice, bla bla bla.

*not going to zone you out with that.

I am also the type of foodie, who cooks & eats a lot. (Should I write about food, cookings & share some recipes too? )


I will basically be writing about love & hate relationships, and my personal views on life & it’s Miracles + Food (maybe?) along with Jasmine. (Ideas and suggestions are most welcome)

Here are a few things to *pay attention to throughout reading my blogs –

= There will be grammar mistakes, so please bear with me.

= There will be some foul & swearing words, because that is just how it is.

= There shall be no fixed time, on when and how often i will post a new Blog, but don’t worry, the waiting time won’t be annually.

= My perspective is strictly my own, and I do not mean to offend any non-living or living being / material – or however whatever the legal people write this.

Stay tuned guys & See yaaaaa

Simran xxx

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