Show some women power

Go Women! Aren’t we all saying this now? I mean we all want to be as inspiring as Glenn Rose who came out to support all types of genders, or Gabrielle riffords who was shot in the head and miraculously survive that! How could people not see that women are just as same as men in today’s societies?

Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others. – Amelia Earhart

In the older days, where women, girl of the societies were just thought of nothing but a household. ” GET READY TO BE MARRIED” “GIVE ME A GRANDCHILD” “I WANT A BOY” What if she couldn’t have a boy, what if her fate was unlucky enough to not get married. Truth be told, there are still some unfortunate girls who need to go through all of this right now and WE ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH! Why? I know when men can’t stand a women to speak against them, those girls who can’t have enough because they are poor. Domestic violence to dowries, has anything left for us? Could this world be more cruel for the women?

Then came a time, when, finally, just a little bit, women were starting to get credit, start work and live a little. You know when they say, women can make one of a hell, and that is true. People are starting to see a girl behind an engineering task, a women behind a business deal. Aren’t we the happiest? Well, I always had this thought inside of me, everybody spent 9 months in a “women” ‘s tomb, so what would have had happened if you appreciated women from a long time? This world would be at it happiest. Did you know that every baby was a female before genetics decide whether you should stay a girl or tune into a boy, isn’t that cute? Therefore, the certain nerves inside of the brain is dead, hence explains how men feel more emotionless. Women can sense emotions, and feel the love.

Given the situation now, I am proud of today’s society, thinking and actions. Taking a step forward to be someone, being a boss and taking over a legend. Women have a power no one can understand, yet it cannot be underestimated. You know what they say, behind every successful man, there is a woman. I can say this, I am proud to be a women, and YOU SHOULD BE TOO! We are able to give a life, a new soul into this world. That is the greatest power. We can feel love, embrace the hate. We can support, care. Isn’t like something like super women? WOW, I am a superwomen!

No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you. – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Sophia Amoruso started #girlboss, expressing the need for women and stood up for the women of today’s society. ISN’T SHE JUST amazing? Honestly, no girl has the right to see down to themselves. Support each other sisters. Together, we are more powerful, and we CAN break this stereotype. Whether you are rich spoiled girl, or a girl who grew up in a very small town with just a florist business to run, you are YOU and let that be something special about you. We are not going to bow down to orders anymore, because sisters, we are the world.

Together, we are one. We shall remain for one. – Jas Kaur

Photo Credits: @fiverr

Post by Jas Kaur

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