Why Blog?

Blogging has become a major part in this society, most of it, has been people’s source of income. I have always thought, why not I start writing and earn out of it?
Writing is not a skill, it is passion. Even if you are a student, working person or even a mom, writing gives you soul, like how it gave me a voice. Yes, I do sound cliché, soul and all, but THAT IS THE TRUTH !

Telling you about myself, I am a Hong Kong born Indian, well to be exact Punjabi, who can get so lazy and watch netflix all day, or can be so hardworking at the same time. I love to see the world as it is, round beautiful, full of mean people, full of nice people too. Loving whatever for what it is brings out the best in you.

How did I even started this was when I read one of my friend’s blog, shout out to thechaleur.com . I started reading her stuff and WOW, that women is inspiration. I knew I had to take myself out, share what I know, refine my own skills and just be me. Being myself, in today’s world is a little difficult, since we all need to come up with societies expectations. I was always keen on writing about what I love and what I want to do. I do have goals I want to achieve but blogging is my passion and my little creative room, where things can get nasty or sweet like an unicorn island (ugh I wish it existed) Anyways, as I was saying, that one friend gave me an inspiration to do what I love, and I started taking interest in writing. To be honest, I was a little nervous about writing, like how will I start, what will I write, what if I just got out of ideas. Even when I thought of it so much, but it wasn’t true, none of that was true. Blogging is an art, it is about knowledge. Now I might not some expertise in all of them areas, but I sure know what is happening, and I want to share all that with you, so everyone else can shoot out their opinions on me. Taking in all the negativity is just as important as taking in the positivity, because that’s how you will learn. You fall, and you get up, then you fall again, just so you can get up again.

Do what makes you happy, and live as you love it! – Jas Kaur

Post by Jas Kaur

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